On the 21th of June the first premiere of the Dutch movie ‘Dan Blijft Het Altijd Zo’, performed and produced by ‘Nieuwe Helden’, regarding a story of a young boy who struggles with demons from his past, or better said, his parents who are haunting and judging him with every choice he makes.

Feeling highly honored, Mr. Beemer was responsible for the audio (sound engineering) of the movie, making sure all the audio is as it should be throughout the movie, as well as the choices regarding the smart musical parts in the movie. Even though filmed and directed by the talented and professional Dave Erro and Kim Lee, the audio recording on the set was done by non professionals, which made it a challenging task for Mr. Beemer to make the audio as he would call it ‘hearable and bearable’.

‘Dan Blijft Het Altijd Zo’ will soon be released, stay tuned for more info.

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