Games & Movies

Sometimes music can be the inspiration for a game or movie

Background information

Ever since I was a little kid, like many others, I love to watch movies and play video games. The love for music made me curious about the composers behind the video games and movies he loves. Thats why I started composing my own musical phantasy worlds at a young age. I’m inspired by composers like Hans Zimmer (ofcourse), Yasuharu Takanashi, Akira Yamaoka, Jeremy Soule and Clint Mansell.

Business information

Because of my background, I would love to participate in one of your creations. My work will be made exclusively for you, so no one else has this awesome sound!

Are you busy with:

  • Developing a game;
  • Editing a video (of example¬†your gaming streams, tutorials etc.);
  • Making a business presentation;
  • Making a commercial;
  • Making an intro video for your videos;
  • Anything you need background music for;

Don’t hesitate to contact me for business enqiuries!

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