Multi instrumentalist and music producer Mr. Beemer started making his own music when he was only 10 years old. Mr. Beemer, born Laurent Beemer, grew up in a Dutch/Indonesian family, where he was influenced by his father’s and grandfather’s passion for many different types of musical genres such as rock&roll, blues, jazz and electronic music. With musicality coursing through his veins, learning how to play the guitar and writing his own music tablature came natural at an young age.

At age 14, Laurent was introduced to Digital Audio Workstations (DAW), which offered a new platform for expressing his musical creativity. This set off his journey into professional music production. Being exposed to different kinds of musical genre’s during his childhood resulted in Laurent experimenting with a broad range of musical styles.

In 2008 he participated in the “Going to Hell – VIPZONE CONTEST No. 6” where he ranked third place. After producing a number of remix tracks, Laurent collaborated with many talented artists and developed his own unique style. In 2018 he decided to work under his own alias and released his very first collaboration EP with the artist Brohlin, named Misfit Avenue, where he showed his potential with musical productions influenced by funk, jazz and blues. In 2019, Mr. Beemer released his first solo EP named Alteration, showcasing his skills as an artist and his ability to produce different styles of music.